> fdatasync() doesn't seem to exist.

.. and yet, CMake finds it:

-- Performing Test HAVE_FDATASYNC
-- Performing Test HAVE_FDATASYNC - Success

so either the CMake test gets it wrong, or it exists and there is some
missing include somewhere. Plus there are more problems:

note: forward declaration of 'struct tm'

warning: implicit declaration of function 'gmtime_r' is invalid in C99

> On a related note, I recall one of you commenting that you might be
> interested in a macOS build slave. I might be able to help with

There's an open PR for it by Jeff Hammond, with a Travis build bot
setup, so i think your Mac Mini will *probably* not be required. What
we need more than buildbots is maintainers (or at least someone who
occasionally makes it work on Mac).

-- mb

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