I posted this last fall to the bitbucket issues tracker, but haven't seen a 
response there, so thought I'd try here.

I'd like to enhance HTML output (which will be imbedded in HTML output from 
asciidoctor) to link from certain function / token names to corresponding 
anchors elsewhere in the imbedding document. For example, "vxFunction" 
would link to the #vxFunction anchor, as well as whatever visual style the 
formatter & class would normally produce. But am a newb at pygments and 
unclear how to go about this. None of the examples on the website appeared 
relevant to what I'd like to do.

Is there an existing token type that a filter could modify matching names 
to, that would result in this happening? Or am I looking at modifying the 
html formatter class to accomplish this? In the worst case, would it be 
tractable to run a post-filter over the HTML output from within the 
pygments pipeline (which is invoked from asciidoctor, and thus not directly 
accessible to me), and modify it at that stage? Any pointers in the right 
direction will be welcome.

Jon Leech

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