On Thu, 2016-12-01 at 08:30 +0000, Dependahl, Hendrik wrote:
> After the pdf generation the signature looks fine. After filling some
> form fields, the signature is marked as "not valid".

it makes sense. By filling the form you modify the document, which
invalidates the signature, because the signature validates the document
in certain state. You should sign the document only after the form is
filled. If you undo your changes in the form fields the signature will
become valid again.

> And on top I cannot save the document after validating a second blank
> signature field.

I cannot speak about this one, it depends what you use for saving,
eventually whether it claims any reason why it doesn't want to save the
document. I think it doesn't matter, though, due to the above

That said, your change in the PoDoFo can be valid and fully correct;
The "weird" behaviour you see isn't influenced by your changes in the

        Hope it helps,

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