> Le 22 févr. 2018 à 21:47, Matthew Brincke <ma...@mailbox.org> a écrit :
>> How about watermarking pages?
>> Either with text, images or PDF pages?
> I'm no expert for "watermarking", especially about securing/hardening
> against removal of such a watermark (e.g. e-books marked with customer data).

No need for such securing for what I want to do.
My use of the word "watermarking" was misleading. :)

>> I mean, take two existing PDF files A and B.
>> Update file A, placing content of page B.2 so it displays underneath
>> (or over) page A.1 existing content?
>> Or given PDF file A, add text or images underneath (or over) page A.2?
> Ah, that is meant: If there's any problem doing that with PoDoFo, it's the
> latter's bug ;-). Just append the page's stream to the watermark's (what
> comes later draws over the preceding content). In case graphics settings
> could be changed in a page without reset: call PdfPainter::Save() first
> (on an empty page, which has to be set first), then PdfPainter::GetCanvas(),
> append the background's content's stream PdfPage::GetContents()->GetStream()
> to the former's return object, call PdfPainter::Restore(), then append the
> foreground likewise, call PdfPainter::FinishPage() (is automatically called
> by SetPage()) and you should be set (sorry, I haven't tested this yet with
> a current revision of PoDoFo, so please report any oddities you see).
>> Is there any known piece of code (even pseudo code of course or just some
>> explanations) which would give pointers on how to achieve this using PoDoFo
>> or building it around PoDoFo?
> Please see above for an explanation/recipe. I hope this helps you.

The whole picture seems perfectly clear!!  Many many thanks.
I'll experiment on sat/sun.  I'll share any oddities I might find, hoping it 
won't be mistakes on my side.

Best Regards, Meilleures salutations, Met vriendelijke groeten,
Olivier Mascia

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