Hello Francesco, hello all,
> On 23 February 2018 at 01:05 Francesco Pretto <cez...@gmail.com> wrote:
> On 23 February 2018 at 00:13, Matthew Brincke <ma...@mailbox.org> wrote:
> > where did it crash? What kind of crash was it, please? I've looked in
> > the source code and couldn't find a reason for a crash, the index -1
> > for InsertPage(int, PdfPage*) just means "insert before the first page".
> >
> Inserting page with index 0 in an empty document will crash. Following
ah, I see, I think I've found it: Do you mean that the GetKey() call in
src/doc/PdfPagesTree.cpp line 620 throws then? I'll fix that probably on
the coming weekend or before (if you haven't by then, I mean, if your
solution will be correct, I'll commit it, maybe with some doc clarifying).

> common zero based index convention, the following code should work,
> page count should be 3, and internal order of the pages should be
> page2, page1, page3.
>     PdfMemDocument document;
>     PdfRect rect;
>     auto page1 = document.InsertPage(rect, 0);
>     auto page2  = document.InsertPage(rect, 0);
>     auto page3 = document.InsertPage(rect, 2);
>     int count = document.GetPageCount();
> Having said this, my patch has **indeed** problems and doesn't really
> work in the previous example. I didn't quite get how it works the
> internal collection of pages. I will look at it tomorrow.
Ah, thanks. I'm looking forward to your next suggestion.
> > - insertion before the first page through this wouldn't be possible [...]
> > - insertion after the last one wouldn't work either [...]
> I don't understand if you disagree with the zero based index API or
> you just say that my patch doesn't work as intended (which is true).
> Inserting before the first page is inserting at zero. Inserting after
> last one is inserting at number of pages. Negative and out of range
> indices can still be supported by clamping (in other notable APIs they
> are usually treated as errors).

I didn't/don't want to change this API (including the special meaning of
the index -1, I don't really understand why there are more negative ones).
So it's currently "-1"-based as I see it, so my answer is "both".
I'm not sure whether clamping is the best idea, though ...

Best regards, mabri

P.S. I wish you a sound sleep this night if you're located in Europe ;-).

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