On Thu, 2018-02-22 at 13:05 +0100, Francesco Pretto wrote:
> The current patch convert headers to really use
> relative paths, allowing to use podofo with #include <podofo.h>
> notation.

you should discuss such invasive changes before suggesting them and
sending them to the list. Your changes in public headers are wrong.
Maybe they make things easier for static library usage, but they break
dynamic library usage.

> Additionally (or alternatively) I recommend to change the layout
> of PoDoFo source to totally eradicate the need for wrapper headers.

I agree with that and I've been thinking of it some time ago too. Some
projects just rename the 'src' with the expected directory name (in
this case 'podofo'), which avoids one directory level in the sources,
but having 'src/podofo/...' is also fine by me.

One unrelated comment to this issue, but being related to your
submissions: when you said you are going to send git-formatted patches,
then I expected patch attachments, not emails with patches in their
body. I know git can do it, but you see that what had been received on
the list is just a plain mess. Your [Patch 0/X], should, from my point
of view, contain patches which are related to it, otherwise those
messages are completely out of order. And why do I expect patches as
attachments? Different mail clients mangle message content differently,
thus simple copy&paste into a file can cause problems, like with white-
space characters. And some web mail services even do not support saving
message to an .mbox file, thus people have bad luck. Saving attachments
is supported by every client and it makes sure the attachment is the
same as you generated it, not as the mail client interprets it.

I also do not like tons of small patches when they are supposed to fix
one issue (the sources should be buildable after each commit, which
adds some burden to the thing), but I agree that it's sometimes better
to split it. I mean, while some of your changes are fine to be in
parts, I'd merge some into one a-bit-larger patch. Just my opinion.

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