On Mon, Apr 16, 2018 at 12:14:59PM +0200, Antonio Larrosa wrote:
> Then I checked the full list of changes between 0.9.5 and current
> code in trunk and noticed there are many changes that give an
> incompatible ABI with respect to 0.9.5 .
> Is there any policy with respect to maintaining ABI compatibility in
> different versions of the library? I think it's important for users
> to keep a compatible ABI, as otherwise, any update forces a rebuild
> of all applications using podofo

PoDoFo bumps SONAME in each release, and it has always been like that.
As you noticed there are plenty of ABI changes (just looking at the
symbols…  I haven't actually checked public enums, structs etc).  Trying
to avoid a single one is kind of pointless.

BTW, before trying to achieve some kind of ABI stability, there are
plenty of private symbols that leak, which makes tracking ABI very hard¹

> and some times, that's not easy for users to do.

That's why in the linux world there distributors between developers and
users, to take care of this kind of stuff (that falls in the bigger word
of "integration").
And those users that build directly PoDoFo themeselves, they better know
what a shared library is and how to handle it, otherwise they probably
shouldn't do what they are doing.

¹ I try this pretty much at every release:

Between the last one and the others I've spent some hours trying to get
something that worked for more than only amd64, but there are several
symbols that varies across all archs (which is kind of fine, it's due to
things like size_t, ssize_t, uint64_t, etc, but there are really too
many and I'm convinced very few of them should be visible).

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