Hi Matthew,

I resorted to the shared-library solution as it worked well for me, at least it builds. I haven't tried to run anything as yet.

For the sake of my personal understanding

On 13/08/2019 13:40, Matthew Brincke wrote:
Then podofo was automatically configured with JPEG support and you'll need
to link to the libjpeg it found in your project too (when using a static
libpodofo build). When using a shared library build and not doing make install,
using LD_LIBRARY_PATH (on GNU/Linux) or changing the dynamic linker config
would be required to have your program find the libpodofo shared library. For
podofo-built programs this is required only when moving the library to a
non-standard location, or accessing it through a different non-standard path
(like in a sandbox) because the build process embeds a run-path in them.

This is the CMakeLists.txt for my microscopic project:

ADD_EXECUTABLE(main main.cpp)

I thought this would do the work - do I need to manually specify all the dependent libraries, something along the line of

TARGET_LINK_LIBRARIES(main /path/to/libjgeg{libtiff..}

it's been a while since I programmed in C/C++ so forgive me some slip ups. I am also totally new to CMAKE.


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