Ryan S Ackley wrote:
> Everyone,
> I want everyone to know that I made significant progress with HDF over the
> 4th of July break. I have been busy ever since with a short out of town
> trip and also the end of semester crunch at school. I have an event model
> in place but it is totally untested.
> What I want to do now is write a class that will convert a Word Document
> into XML using the event model. I wanted to get away from converting
> directly into XSL-FO because most people don't understand it. 

And because it's not the right way...

>I was
> thinking of using the "DocBook" format check it out here:
> http://www.docbook.org , I think there are several stylesheets out on the
> web that will convert docbook to xsl-fo. I would like to hear thoughts on
> this.



Please, don't go down the docbook road, it will get you problems.

The DOC format is like HTML, it mixes content with presentation.
Docbook is about content, FO about presentation.

Using only one of them will bring you limited syntax, and you would have 
to enhance it.

What you could do, is have the xml stuff use two files (or a combined 
on) that has content in one and style in the other.

This is similar to how Word operates, because there is a content stream 
and formatting stuff.

Probably the best thing is to use your own DTD, and after it's finished 
we can see what would make sense to use.

> As soon as I have this done. I will write up some documentation other
> boring stuff (tests) and
> initiate a vote to move HDF out of scratchpad.

Swell!!!  :-D

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