Hi Ryan,

Its wonderful to hear you've made such great progress.

First of all, I'm against tying any of the APIs to XML parsers/libraries.  
(There are many painful reasons for this that resemble our logging experience -
there is what is called XML-hell which is in essence requiring one version of an
XML library when you are using another....very painful) So If we do an XML format 
this early (which I don't think is a good idea to be honest), IMHO it should be 
part of MORPHOS.  The only problem is working on Morphos is an absolute pain due 
to the fact its in Jakarta Commons which has more traffic in a day then this list 
gets in 6 months!

As for docbook, I'm not sure it is a good idea.  I think FO is probably better 
suited for this kind of data.  Docbook AFAIK doesn't preserve the styling 
very closely.  With FO you could achieve a near 1-1 without any mismatch or
*loss*.  I could be wrong on this, I highly suggest you solicit the advice of
Nicola Ken who knows more about such things.  And hardly anyone knows docbook 
either for that matter.

Lastly, I'm not sure I'd vote to move HDF out of the scratchpad before it has 
write capabillity.  I view that as the test of maturity.  The XML stuff is cool
and while I think using XML for Excel makes a lot of sense, using it for Word makes
even more sense, but the test of maturity in my mind is when you can read it in
and write it back out all in one swoop.  Until then I think the scratchpad is 
still the best place, but I'm interested in hearing what others think on that matter.



I want everyone to know that I made significant progress with HDF over the
4th of July break. I have been busy ever since with a short out of town
trip and also the end of semester crunch at school. I have an event model
in place but it is totally untested.

What I want to do now is write a class that will convert a Word Document
into XML using the event model. I wanted to get away from converting
directly into XSL-FO because most people don't understand it. I was
thinking of using the "DocBook" format check it out here:
http://www.docbook.org , I think there are several stylesheets out on the
web that will convert docbook to xsl-fo. I would like to hear thoughts on

As soon as I have this done. I will write up some documentation other
boring stuff (tests) and
initiate a vote to move HDF out of scratchpad.


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