I am developing an application for exporting/importing data from/into a
by means of MS Excel files. To do that I convert an Excel file into an XML
(I wrote a generator
wich gives me 'gmr:' like file), then I use XSLT + another tool (like
XML_DBMS, or Oracle XSU) to load
data into the database. To import data into Excel I generate XML from a SQL
query and
then serialize the result by means of POI. At this point I use Oracle XSQL
to produce XML and
I wrote a serializer for it (it is just a wrapper class for HSSFSerializer).
But I needed support for cell formating (font, colors),so I rewrote some
classes in "net.sourceforge.poi.xml.hssf" package to handle
some new attributes of 'gmr:Cell' element. I did that because we needed
something and it was very urgent.
But now we see that we'll need support for creating Excel files containing
formulas. As I see you have done
a lot and it's almost ready. I can even use existing classes and start
create my own implementation...
So could you tell me in what state the framework for formulas is? Does it
take some days, weeks, years to make
it available?

Thanks in advance,

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