Hi All,

Don't ask my why I did this...  but maybe it has to do with the
umpteenth private email asking me if HSSF has a gui app to show XLS

I wrote this in the course of about an hour.  Its in contrib, it reads 
XLS files from streams and/or files, it can run as an applet.

It proves I'm the worlds greatest Java Gui programmer ;-)..

Its called SUCKY VIEWER 0.10.  And it is true to its name, but it works.


1. Runs as an applet
2. Reads and renders XLS files using the HSSF usermodel
3. Can take a "filename" or "url" applet parameter and will read it from
the local or remote system
4. Renders all major data types, Strings, Numbers, etc.
5. sets cell background color if its set with pattern type
6. sets the font if java.awt.Font knows what to do.

Contribution opportunities (for YOU not ME):
1. No borders
2. No alternative Patterns for fill types
3. Doesn't mess with HSSFCellFormat (meaning numbers are nasty looking)
4. Renders so slow my grandma could outrun it.  (hint: the getRow,
getCell methods are NOT fast)
5. Using a URL instead of a filename when its run as an application and
not an applet doesn't seem to work (oops, sorry)
6. Did I mention I put very little effort into this?

So if someone improves this to not Suck, I'll rename it ;-) and perhaps
move it to www.krysalis.org

Happy Hacking.

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