Dear colleagues,

Proposal 2019-06, "Multiple Editorial Changes in IPv6 Policy", is now in 
Concluding Phase.

This proposal aims to remove obsoleted text and simplify the IPv6 policy.

The WG co-chairs have declared that rough consensus has been reached and the 
proposal will now move to Last Call.

As per the RIPE Policy Development Process (PDP), the purpose of this four week 
Concluding Phase is to give an opportunity to present well-justified objections 
for those who missed the previous two phases and wish to oppose the proposal.

Any objection must be made by 11 March 2020 and must be supported by an 

If no substantive objections are raised by the end of Last Call, the proposal 
will complete the PDP and will be evaluated by the WG co-chairs for final 

You can find the full proposal at:

Please e-mail any final comments about this proposal to 
<> before 11 March 2020.


Petrit Hasani
Policy Officer

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