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Has any one read this:

It sounds very interesting. Without DNS lookups getting most of the dialups.

I have changed on one of my test servers the newest policyd-weight edition 
(beta-5) to use that for dynamic host detection:
                # http://gabacho.reto.jp/en/anti-spam/anti-spam-system.html
                $revhost =~

The catch rate is very good.

I would as well suggest to add this into policyd-weight to catch even more 
dynamic hosts:
                $revhost =~

The above regex catches on my setup by far more dynamic systems then the 
original policyd-weight regex.

Maybe adding "^unknown$" and flag them as dynamic would as well not be such a 
bad idea. But I don't know.

Has any one else modified his policyd-weight to catch more of the dynamic 

// SteveB
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