to put it short: I don't develop policyd-weight any further, nor do
I do any patching.

I don't have the time and resources anymore. Real- and Work-Life 
keeps me way to busy (When I started policyd-weight in 2005
I was able to program up to 48 hours. Today, with family 
and so on, I only have 1 to 2 hours with interrupts - while 
I need up to 1 or 2 hours to become familiar with the code again).

I do this step also because I realized I cannot provide, due to
the time-constraints, the constant reliability required for 
such a project anymore. I think, it is my responsibility to
stop, when the quality/reliability of development gets lower.
Probably I should even have done this step earlier.

Another reason is, if I receive patches, they often contain
module dependencies. I don't like to reject such patches
or to stress users to not use modules. You will know what I
mean if you received the Nth patch containing yet another simple
module and if you look one day at the memory footprint or if you
find yourself debugging N foreign modules.

If someone wants to continue with policyd-weight then it would
also be nice, if he takes over the policyd-weight.org domain.
I also appreciate maintainers-only.

Those seeking an alternative to policyd-weight might want to have a
look at postfwd - which makes the step to stop on policyd-weight

I will keep the ML running until a new maintainer has set up
a new ML.

    Robert Felber (PGP: 896CF30B)
    Munich, Germany

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