We seem to be at an impasse at this point.
Since Germans and Europeans, who were responsible as a culture for the Holocaust, are not willing to hand over any of their territory for the creation of a Zionist state, I fail to understand how they are in a moral position to demand that any other peoples do so.  While I strongly disagree with the Iranian president on nearly everything, on this particular issue I think he managed to touch on a point so sensitive, but so necessary to answer in a satisfactory way, that it has been systematically censored in the Western mainstream media.
I very much wish that the Palestinians and their Arab and Muslim neighbors would just roll over and accept whatever Israel dishes out to them, without a complaint.   But since I know that Americans would never tolerate such abuse, I find myself unable to preach to them from a lofty moral perch about the virtues of submission.  I'll wager that many Americans and Europeans feel this way, which is why their support for Israel is so shaky, so qualified, so unenthusiastic.  They wish Jews well in Israel, but at the same time they don't want to become embroiled in destructive Mideast conflicts on the basis of policies that are impossible to defend from the standpoint of strict justice and logic.
My best guess is that the Zionist experiment is going to end with the genocidal annihilation of hundreds of millions of people by nuclear and/or biological weapons.  Neither side is going to back down.  Both sides are being driven by the most fanatical impulses and archetypes in the monotheistic tradition.
There is a better way -- the American Founding Fathers articulated it.  That better way is being undermined and destroyed by the work of pro-Israel lobbyists like Daniel Pipes, David Horowitz and Michael Ledeen, and their immense support network in both major political parties, the mainstream media and much of the alternative media.

LeaNder <[EMAIL PROTECTED]> wrote:
> Germany played a key role in setting these events in motion.  I
seriously wonder if Germany shouldn't do the right thing and offer to
move the entire state of Israel to an equivalent territorial area
within its own borders.  Until it sincerely makes such an offer,
German leaders have nothing useful to say about the march towards
Armageddon in the Mideast.  Any kind of sermonizing and lecturing is
especially inappropriate, including that coming from the current pope.<

This is something that will never happen, as you know.
It would need a series of steps, the first had to be to accept
that Israel has no right to exist. What you ask for could only
follow from that. ... Not really a Realpolitik scenario?

It is happening in the US, Sean. These are US hawks. That Israel
supports them should not come as a big surprise.

Could Bush  start another war without any consent from senate or
congress? What about the other pillars of your democracy?

Popes never stopped wars.


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