I'll wager that David Booth (and Sorcha Faal) is a figurehead or front for an 
intelligence agency.  It's a fairly sophisticated op, mostly consisting of 
razzle dazzle and clever bs.  Muddy the stream of conspiracy inquiry with an 
endless flow of cockamamie cuckoo nonsense.

Rosalee Grable <[EMAIL PROTECTED]> wrote:
  "Sorcha Faal" is David Booth in drag.
His "Planet X" prophesies fell flat on their butt and finally he was 
completely discredited so a little wardrobe change and lipstick, and 
we've got Sorcha Faal, a "russian" who uses a great deal of American 
English contemporary slang, all considered.
Check out Web.archive.org
If you read closely enough, you can even figure out when David Booth got 
it's sex change.
In a more innocent time, Booth's success was because of his ability to 
successfully prophesize.
To todays eyes, that would look like a foreknowledge wielding perp.

Albert Underwood wrote:
> Faal provides no reference documentation, none of the alleged 
> pictures, no additional references from Paraguayan news...
> */Sean McBride /* wrote:
> Isn't it reasonable to assume that Sorcha Faal is a professional
> disinformation op, probably run by an intelligence committee of
> some kind? Have any of the sensational assertions and claims that
> Faal has made over many months ever checked out? To maintain any
> credibility in this biz, at least 99% of one's claims should match
> up to real world.
> */Vigilius Haufniensis /* wrote:
> sean's favorite reporter.
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> *Sent:* Wednesday, November 22, 2006 2:07 PM
> *Subject:* [NeuschwabenlandTimes] US Presidents Daughter Saved
> In Assassination Attempt (unverified)
> November 22, 2006
> http://www.whatdoesitmean.com/index964.htm
> US Presidents Daughter Saved In Assassination Attempt As
> Turmoil Surrounds Regime Leaders
> By: Sorcha Faal, and as reported to her Western Subscribers
> FSB reports today are describing a scene of turmoil
> surrounding the Elite Ruling Military Families of the Bush and
> Clintons in the United States as a series of attacks by Coup
> Forces have sought to destabilize the rouge regime currently
> in power.
> In the latest attack, according to these reports, the American
> Presidents daughter, Barbara Bush, upon returning from
> Paraguay where she is overseeing the Bush Families Massive
> Compound, which we have previously reported on in our October
> 15 report titled "US President Bush Makes Massive Land
> Purchase In Paraguay Ahead Of Expected War Crimes Charges
> ", survived an
> attempt on her life after being targeted by an assassin while
> entering her hotel in the Argentina capitol of Buenos Aires.
> Reports from FSB sources in Argentina describe a scene of
> ‘chaos’ as one of the First Daughters Secret Service body
> guard detachment was wounded by the bullets meant for the
> young woman, and upon fleeing the scene with her protectors
> abandoned her personal luggage which could be seen lying in
> the blood stained sidewalk in front of the hotel.
> American propaganda organs, as always, have not released this
> information to their people choosing instead to describe this
> assassination attempt as a ‘mugging
> ’,
> which is beyond our belief to understand as the American
> Presidents Family are the most protected human beings in the
> World. Even more incredible than this report are these same
> American propaganda organs reporting that the wounded Secret
> Service bodyguard was also ‘mugged
> ’
> in an ‘altercation’ in a bar.
> More ominously for the American Ruling Elite Families was this
> latest attack upon them follows by days a similar attack upon
> the Clinton Family compound in Chappaqua, New York which left
> one of their neighbor’s dead and another in grave condition.
> Likewise, American propaganda organs ‘explained’ this attack
> as being a ‘mysterious shooting
> ’ of the Clinton Family
> neighbors.
> Russian Intelligence Analysts are reporting that these attacks
> are linked to the American Presidents planned visit to Jordan
> next week, but which is in fact a ‘secret mission’ to the
> ancient Iraqi city of Babylon where it is expected he will
> complete the ‘ritual’ begun this past year, and as we have
> previously reported on in our April 16 report titled
> "Mysterious ‘Ritual’ Performed By United States Military
> Forces In Babylon Raises Concerns Of Muslim And Russian
> Orthodox Religious Leaders
> ", and wherein we
> had stated:
> /“To the Darkness that has enveloped the Western peoples for
> their devotion to the ancient gods of darkness we have spoken
> of many times, but with these new events occurring in Babylon
> today the entire world should indeed shudder…for by all
> accounts, those cruel demons of our ancient days may be once
> again unleashed upon us all by the actions of the Americans.///
> /For even in our most ancient of days these horrific dark
> masters were feared by the Angels themselves, and as war with
> the Persians of Iran is soon to occur, and which will
> undoubtedly unleash the largest war of all, it is well that we
> all remember the words of Daniel [10:20] about this greatest
> of beasts, read and understand:///
> "But I am going back to make war with the angel of Persia, and
> when I am gone, the angel of Greece will come. And there is no
> one on my side against these, but Michael, your angel."
> As more is know of these events we will report them, but none
> will suffer greater than those in Athens and Memphis.
> © November 22, 2006 EU and US all rights reserved.
> [Ed. Note: The United States government actively seeks to
> find, and silence, any and all opinions about the United
> States except those coming from authorized government and/or
> affiliated sources, of which we are not one. No interviews are
> granted and very little personal information is given about
> our contributors to protect their safety.]
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