Hmm...Still no responses to my questions to Michael Pugliese about ethnic 
nationalism, the neocons and related topics?  No interest in real dialogue on 
these matters?  Why?

Who is a bigger threat to Americans and the world:

White ethnic nationalists like Kevin MacDonald? Or Jewish ethnic nationalists 
like Elliott Abrams?

Abrams occupies a high position in the Bush 43 administration, was a key 
ringleader of the disastrous Iraq War, is a leading agitator for a war against 
Iran, is a fanatical ethnic nationalist and a leader of an ethnic nationalist 
movement, neoconservatism (the Likud wing of Zionism), which is trying to stir 
up a holy war between the United States and Muslims (and Russians, and the 
Chinese, and Europeans, and God knows who else) worldwide.

So: MacDonald or Abrams?  About whom should we be more concerned?

Again, this isn't a rhetorical question -- I am curious to see some creative 
thinking (not canned agitprop) about these issues from Michael Pugliese, Joe 
Jackson, tigerbengalis or anyone else.

What I think is going on is that even asking these questions is highly alarming 
to the neocon camp -- the neocons (and their secret sympathizers) tend to 
become hysterical and even violent when confronted with the bizarre and 
indefensible self-contradictions in their belief system.  They are in denial.  
Am I wrong?  This kind of irrationality is more typical of cults (especially 
ethnic cults) than of reasoned and reasonable political philosophies.  
Neoconservatism is a messianic ethnic cult, one which is actively promoting 
world war, apocalyptic violence and global chaos.  Neocons are ethnic 

I personally believe, on purely rational grounds, that the neocons are a much 
bigger threat to the general well-being of Americans and the world than Kevin 
MacDonald.  Please correct me if I am wrong.  Perhaps I have overlooked 

To reiterate where I am coming from on these matters: I would prefer to live in 
a world in which ethnic, nationalist and religious divisions fade into 
insignificance, and in which the values of creative individualism and 
meritocracy dominate human culture worldwide.  (And I know that many Jews agree 
with me -- these are core values in the best of the Jewish tradition.)  But to 
achieve this state of affairs will require mutual disarmament among all ethnic 
groups.  To lay down one's ethnic arms unilaterally, while some other ethnic 
groups are arming themselves to the teeth, would be a suicidal act.  Yes?  No?  
The neocons seem to be demanding that all ethnic outsiders commit suicide -- 
now wouldn't that be a convenient state of affairs for the neocons.

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