Yes, I've read all your sources, and many more. But why don't you go straight 
to the horse's mouth? Why not read the neocons in their own words?  Commentary 
is the best place to start.  Go to the library and browse through a few decades 
of back issues.  I assume you have some speed reading skills.

Neocons were the chief ringleaders and architects of the Iraq War (even the 
mainstream media fingered Paul Wolfowitz and Richard Perle for this "honor") -- 
they've been agitating for a world war between the United States and Israel's 
enemies since at least the 1970s.  Norman Podhoretz, the godfather of 
neoconservatism, has, most recently, been hysterically lobbying for (what he 
calls) World War IV and an American war against Iran.  The neocons are 
increasingly in bitter (and dangerous) conflict with the American foreign 
policy establishment, the military establishment and the intel establishment.  
From the standpoint of that establishment, the neocons have hijacked American 
foreign policy under George W. Bush (who is a Christian Zionist) and Dick 
Cheney and inflicted enormous damage on American interests worldwide.  At this 
point foreign policy realists in the American power elite are seething.  Most 
Bush 41 high-level members opposed the Iraq War and are violently opposed
 to an Iran War.

If you and tigerbengalis are unaware of these developments, you are going to be 
in store for some major political surprises down the road.  And if you think 
white ethnic nationalists are a more dangerous influence in contemporary 
American politics than Jewish ethnic nationalists, you need to rebuild your 
world model from the ground up.  White nationalists are on the fringe, nowhere 
near the levers of real power in the American government.  Neocons like Elliott 
Abrams, operating out of the NSC, are exerting enormous influence on American 
Mideast policy.

michael098762001 <[EMAIL PROTECTED]> wrote:                                  
--- In, Sean McBride
 Do you actually know anything about the intellectual history of
 neoconservatism, or are you just making this stuff up as you go along?
  Which neocon sources do you monitor regularly?
 Having been aware of neo-conservatism since I read an article in
 Esquire in '78 or so (remember reading it in my high school library,
 which subscribed to Ramparts the radical left monthly, as well as
 National Review and The Nation) by Peter Steinfels. Steinfels wrote
 the 1st book on neo-cons (besides a collection edited by Irving Howe,
 in the mid 70's, the editor of the democratic socialist quarterly
 Dissent...who when he was a young Trotskyist in the period just before
 WWII recruited Irving Kristol into the YPSL, Young People's Socialist
 League, which the Trots had taken over from the Socialist Party
 loyalists.), "The Neoconservatives: The Men Who Are Changing American
 Politics, " Simon and Schuster, 1980 or so. Steinfels is a democratic
 socialist, paper member of DSA, ex-editor of left-liberal magazine
 Commonweal. Another DSA academic, Catholic socialist, has written two
 books vs. neo-conservatism. Read any of these sources? 

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