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> Yes, I've read all your sources, and many more. But why don't you go
straight to the horse's mouth? Why not read the neocons in their own
words?  Commentary is the best place to start.  Go to the library and
browse through a few decades of back issues.  I assume you have some
speed reading skills.

   On another list last night (unlike this one, everyone there is
either left-liberal, social democratic or even unreconstructed
Trotskyists) in answer to a query on Commentary I made a post about
the last issue of Commentary i read in toto, from Feb. 2006. I do read
the books reviews in each issue, have from the 80's, and read one or
two of the articles in each issue from the 80's, and the more notable
articles from Commentary from its founding like Irving Kristol's
attack on liberals from the early 50's (David Kusnet found Kristol's
words familiar, and after checking reported junior had largely
repeated his father, Irving Kristol's, words in praise of Joe
McCarthy, simply substituting Bush for the Wisconsin demagogue. In
1952 Kristol wrote "There is one thing that the American people know
about Sen. McCarthy. He, like them, is unequivocally anti-Communist.
About the spokesmen for American liberalism, they feel they know no
such thing." (Commentary, 1952)

http://www.prospect.org/webfeatures/2003/07/kusnet-d-07-24.html )

    Kusnet, btw, is another DSA socialist. was a speech writer for
Bill Clinton. Another DSA'er Hendrik Hertzberg of The New Yorker,
wrote speeches for Carter.

   Other articles by Commentary writers, off the top of my head I've
read over the years, in bound vols. at libraries. James Baldwin,
Hannah Arendt (calling the potential founding of Israel a disaster in
the making), anarchist Paul Goodman, New Left historian Staughton Lynd
on the Cold war...

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