A suggestion: if you and tigerbengalis don't want to appear to be neocon fellow 
travelers, then stop trying to downplay the offenses of Commentary and the 
neocons, and start dealing in an honest way with the influence of Jewish ethnic 
militants on the Bush 43 administration and the Iraq War, which has been 
enormous.  White ethnic militants are a negligible factor in contemporary 
American politics, compared to AIPAC, JINSA, AEI, WINEP, the Conference of 
Presidents and similar outfits, all of which act in tandem and which exert 
extraordinary power over Congress and the mainstream media.

Once one begins to rationalize or paper over the bad behavior of any one ethnic 
nationalist movement (especially one connected to one's own ethnicity), one has 
lost the moral authority to complain about the bad behavior of any other ethnic 
nationalist group.  One can't play it both ways -- either one is sincerely 
committed to trans-ethnic politics, or one is an ethnic nationalist.

Jewish ethnic nationalists can't complain about white ethnic nationalists, and 
vice-versa.  Perhaps that it why they have started to make common cause in some 
areas, following the example of some Nazis and Zionists back in the day.  
Ethnic nationalists from various ethnic backgrounds have much more in common 
with one another, especially in their neurotic and obsessive-compulsive 
xenophobia, than they do with enlightened people who have moved beyond this 

michael098762001 <[EMAIL PROTECTED]> wrote:                                  
--- In political-research@yahoogroups.com, Sean McBride
 <[EMAIL PROTECTED]> wrote:Well, if you have no objections to Commentary,
 certainly you will have no objections to white nationalist
 publications which rant on and on about their ethnic enemies...
 Get a grip, Sean. If you had any knowledge of the US
 radical/progressive/social democratic/liberal-Left, and saw my cites
 of a group I have belonged to for decades, the Democratic Socialists
 of America, or googled my name and e-mail addresses, you would see
 literally hundreds of posts I have made over the yrs. on left
 listservs like lbo-talk, pen-l and marxmail, against the neo-cons and
 white nationalists/neo-nazis.
    The neo-cons in SDUSA despise DSA. Go to the Hoover Institute and
 read like I did once in the Carl Gershman papers, his 100 pg. plus
 denunciation of democratic socialist Michael Harrington as a

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