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>    I'm curious: with which ethnic group do you most strongly identify?  Which 
> ethnic tradition has most influenced you?

   I'm Italian-American. But, I don't identify that way. My
Italian-American relatives in Pittsburgh were all racists who
supported George Wallace in '68 and '72, pro-Vietnam war. A major part
of the reason I was radicalized in the 70's was a reaction against the
bigotry and ethnic chauvinism of my Italian-American relatives. (In
arguments with my Mom over civil rights and the war they called her,
"nigger lover," and, "Viet Cong."

> And do you support illegal immigration?  Legal immigration is a fine American 
> tradition.  Illegal immigration on the scale we are seeing it is a disaster.  
> Any administration which has no control over 12 million illegal immigrants 
> clearly has no real intention of preventing domestic terrorism.  (I am not 
> arguing that illegal immigrants are terrorists; I am arguing that a society 
> which is unable to prevent being inundated by illegal immigrants certainly 
> lacks the ability to prevent terrorists from slipping over the border.)

    Capital, (and as a libertarian, I haven't seen you say anything
contrary to what my Marxist teachers in college called, "the logic of
capital, " as we struggled through Marx, Capital, Volume One, his
Grundrisse and zillions of texts by academic neo-marxists) has since
1493 been international. Labor should be as well. Ruling classes
always draw arbitrary national boundaries. Ask an Iraqi about the
boundaries Britain drew in 1920.
   Slipping over the border? Heh, you are sounding like LGF here,

> With regard to white ethnic nationalists at high levels of the current 
> American government: can you name them?  Who are the equivalents of the 
> Israeli-obsessed neocons?  Is there a white nationalist version of Elliott 
> Abrams in the Bush 43 administration?

   The day after a SCOTUS decision overturning Brown vs. Board of
Education, you deny there are Racists in the upper ranks and
throughout the ranks of the bureaucracy of the USG who support the
aims of the white nationalists? You must have ignored the exposes of
Trent Lott and other Republican politicians who spoke to the CCC, the
successor to the White Citizen's Councils of the South.

> Michael Pugliese  <[EMAIL PROTECTED]> wrote:
> > On 6/29/07, Sean McBride <[EMAIL PROTECTED]> wrote:White ethnic
>  > militants are a negligible factor in contemporary American politics...
>  If you lived in a neighborhood w/ immigrants from Central
>  America, like I have, hard working and loyal to the mainstream ,
>  "American, " values of family and faith, but, hounded by The Minuteman
>  racists and a GOP that just defeated the Immigration bill in the
>  Senate, you wouldn't say  that.
>     Or if you lived in a Black neighborhood, like I did in Oakland, Ca.
>  in the 90's, you wouldn't be so blase about white nationalist racists.
>  --
>  Michael Pugliese

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