Dear Ms. Brouillet,
  I will happily pass along the link for the 9/11 deception dollars:   I believe that other people will be as pleased 
with it as I was with it, and I hope that a zillion of them get bought and 
distributed!  I really do think they will make wonderful details for Christmas 
cards and stockings.
I wasn't referring to Cosmos in my comments about the disinformation efforts 
being conducted at 9/11Blogger.  Candidly, I can't remember any particular 
comments by Cosmos.  As for the equally pseudonymic Jenny Sparks and Arabesque, 
it's easier for me to have an informed opinion about them.  Were I not busier 
with more important things, I think I could come up with a pretty good article 
identifying those who are either actual COINTELPRO or merely useful idiots 
being manipulated by COINTELPRO, and perhaps even grouped them according to the 
cells within which they work.  In some cases over the last four years, my 
associates and I have even been able to trice COINTELPRO agents back to their 
FBI handlers.
  As for the Kennebunkport Warning, I called the authors of it in the days 
after the COINTELPRO effort to label it a hoax began, and they were uniformly 
absolute about what had happened.  Further, I called friends of mine from the 
Crawford peace community, who then contacted Ann Wright and Cindy Sheehan to 
find out what had happened.  Both women admitted that they had signed the 
Kennebunkport Warning.  It is for that reason that I never referred to the 
document as a hoax.  From your e-mail below, I'm pleased to say that you have 
reached the same conclusion.
  I guess I am like Webster Tarpley, Jim Fetzer, Kevin Barrett and Joe Azar.  I 
know and respect all of them, and also know that they were viciously attacked 
for creating, supporting or publishing what liars labeled a "hoax."  Like them, 
I can be belligerent when I think I am being maligned.  This would especially 
the case if someone as prominent as Cindy Sheehan or Ann Wright lied about 
signing something as important as the Kennebunkport Warning, then cooperated 
with a COINTELPRO effort to call me a liar and the document a hoax.  Candidly, 
it never ceases to amaze me when people who know the real story express 
sympathy toward the liars and dupes, and antipathy toward the man who told the 
truth, whose worst fault seems to be that they weren't polite enough when they 
defended their own reputations!
  Two plus two does not equal five, even for Cindy Sheehan.  I say this as 
someone who has known her since the first days of Camp Casey, where I stood 
beside her and a few dozen others to make up the hard-core of the peace 
movement in the summer of 2005.  By then I had been part of the Crawford Peace 
House crowd raising hell against Bush since the beginning of the war two years 
earlier.  I respected her nerve in Crawford, and was very sorry that she lost 
it in Kennebunkport.  
  Now that the nation is in the middle of the nuclear TOPOFF exercises, I think 
that Guam, Portland and Phoenix would be safer if she and Ann Wright had not 
abandoned their position and undermined ours.  Shortly after they deserted I 
wrote a gentle essay painting what I hope are their truer colors, Foreshadows 
of The Kennebunkport Warning.  It was published in The Lone Star Iconoclast, 
which is published out of Crawford:
  I was honored to appear on your radio program Monday, and will likewise be 
honored to appear on Mr. Tarpley's program Friday, where we will be doing a 
wrap-up interview for the TOPOFF exercises.
  Captain Eric H. May.
  Portland Nuclear Inquest
Carol Brouillet <[EMAIL PROTECTED]> wrote:
  Dear Captain May,

I think it went well, although I am getting some flak for it - and more details 
on what happened in Maine - the K Hoax.  I do know Tarpley, and Cosmos has been 
on the streets working with me and my group since October 2002 and I can assure 
you that he is not cointelpro...

There was a long discussion of the contents of the "warning" the night before, 
with Ann and Cindy before they signed it - so they probably did sign it - and 
were surprised later that the content was not exactly what they thought it was 
going to be.

I have a demo today and need to get out press advisories for our Nov 1st event. 
 If you want more Deception Dollars- I'm the mint!  The website for them is . If I really was out to make money- we'd do 
more aggressive online marketing- but I'd be spending all my time fulfilling 
orders and have no time for organizing and the other work, but the page where 
you can order Deception Dollars in quantity from us is at .

Keep up the good work!!
All the best!

At 07:20 AM 10/17/2007, you wrote:
  Dear Ms. Brouillet,
I very much enjoyed appearing on your show, and hope that I disappointed those 
out there who want to think the worst of me -- and of you for interviewing me!  
Your point about the 911-2B alarms going off even before Madrid was valid and 
germane to our conversation, and my life would be boring indeed is my 
understanding that were never refine by those who knew things that I didn't!  
Many thanks for posting the link to our interview so quickly:
It's not very often that I had the chance to speak with so well versed a person 
as you.  Given the circles in which you have moved, and the places to which you 
have been, I'm not surprised at the breadth of your perspective.  Just hours 
before our talk, I received your kind gift of the 911 truth DVD (which I 
watched with pleasure) and your 9/11 bucks (which my wife and I pored over with 
great amusement).  Please let me know where I can find more of the funny money, 
as I would love to have someone in or stocking stuffers this Christmas.  If you 
have pictures of it on the Internet, please send the link so that I can pass it 
I'm all with you on hoping that the work we are doing is making it are less 
likely that the Bush League can carry out its nefarious work of a 911-2B 
attack.  Candidly, much of the flak that you caught from posting my essay on 
our Nazi nation, then later the announcement of our interview, came from folks 
who operate as disinformation trolls who are working to undermine the 911 truth 
movement.  I'm sorry to find that they have infested 911Blogger, but hardly 
surprised.  In infowar as in all war, opponents attack crucial connections, be 
they of logistics or of communication.
Incidentally, it may well be that my essay, America Uber Alles -- Our Nazi 
Nation, about the similarities between the Third Reich and the Bush League has 
inspired a mainstream echo of its thesis.  On Monday, Frank Rich of the New 
York Times published an essay that said the same things: The "Good Germans" 
Among Us --
Best regards, Captain May

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