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February 14, 2007 -- Noam Chomsky has signed a petition written by the
9/11 "Jersey" widows calling for the release of classified documents
relating to the 9/11 attacks. The Muckraker Report has contacted him by
e-mail and verified that the individual listed on the petition is
indeed Noam Chomsky. Chomsky's name is #6432:

That said, now that Chomsky has agreed to sign the widows' petition,
the Muckraker Report would like to see the following people sign too:
Alexander Cockburn and crew at Counterpunch, the editorial staff at the
Nation, Michael Moore, Barbara Ehrenreich, Amy Goodman, Maureen Dowd,
Frank Rich, Seymour Hersh, Nicholas Leman at the New Yorker,
Christopher Hayes, anyone who writes for the Daily Kos, including Kos
himself, and the absolutely divine Camille Paglia.

Like I said in my article from a few days ago, 9/11 Widows Keep on
Asking the Tough Questions, the Jersey widows say that once they have
15,000 signatures on their petition, they're going to head back to
Capitol Hill. Right now they have 6,600 signatures, 1023 of them in the
last 60 hours. Please e-mail the link of the petition to all your
friends. Ask them to sign and forward the petition to their e-mail
contacts. The Jersey widows have to get 8,400 more signatures. They
need your help. Come on - give them a hand!


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