-- Tim White and Stephen Webster --
  By Captain Eric H. May
  Political-Military Editor
  The Lone Star Iconoclast
    There is an infowar against the most effective figures in the 9/11 truth 
movement, often by the most unscrupulous and dangerous government-sanctioned 
characters.  A pair of Army military intelligence veterans have cooperated to 
sniff out an attempt by a Cointelpro (counter-intelligence program) operator to 
target unsuspecting journalist Stephen Webster, and to use him as a "useful 
idiot" for passing along disinformation.

  In a friendly message to Captain Eric H. May, SFC Donald Buswell, "The 9/11 
NCO," sounded the alert that a shady character named Tim White was contacting 
journalists with smear tactics.  SFC Buswell was recently featured in a 
blockbuster article by Webster in The Lone Star Iconoclast:
  Free at Last!  Army Intelligence Analyst Buswell, "the 9/11 NCO" Speaks Out 
  SFC Buswell became Captain May co-author in the recent "Mayday Alert" 
articles that became the most successful 9/11 truth movement warning ever about 
the dangers of Bush administration "anti-terror drills.  They were joined by 
two other co-authors: Dr. Jim Fetzer, the founder of Scholars for 9/11 Truth; 
and Major William B. Fox, publisher of America First Books.  Both Dr. Fetzer 
and Major Fox are veteran Marine Corps officers.
  The four veterans' Mayday Alert was posted at several major independent 
newspapers, as well as thousands of 9/11 truth movement sites, political 
campaign sites and intelligence sites:
  Before the beginning of the early May "National Level Exercise 2-08" (NLE 
2-08) the mainstream Seattle Times published the Mayday Alert's argument, which 
was that any Bush administration anti-terror drill might "go live" by creating 
the very events it was supposed to be rehearsing against.  Strong evidence 
suggests that this is what happened in the US 9/11 and UK 7/7 terror attacks.
  The 9/11 NCO
  CPT May,

This is pretty slick propaganda against you, this fellow seems obsessed with 
you, the detail and efforts that went into this to discredit you is very 
obvious.  I am not sure why Stephen Webster didn't fwd it to you go to top...  
As such, and in the tradition of being open and honest I fwd it to you-I assume 
you already have it.  

Best Regards, SFC Buswell
White and Webster
  ---------- Forwarded message ----------
From: Stephen Webster <[EMAIL PROTECTED]>
  ---------- Forwarded message ----------
From: Tim White <[EMAIL PROTECTED]>
    FINALLY..someone has put a good deal of the facts together about Captain 
Eric May in one very easy to understand format:
  Ghosts in the Machine:
  Tim White,Viet Nam Vet (USAF)
  Concerned Citizen, Researcher, Investigator, Whistleblower

  Destroying Disinfo
  Dear SFC Buswell,
  Thank you very much for sending this bit of disinformation to me.  I'm quite 
familiar with Tim White -- as many in the 9/11 truth movement are, 
unfortunately.  It's interesting to note that the article he sent along 
attacking me is being run at a right-wing pro-war site.
  White is an FBI Cointelpro operative working under the direction of Denver 
FBI Special Agent Mark Hostlaw and retired Special Agent Ted Gunderson.  His 
function is to infiltrate, intimidate, disinform and incriminate important 
members of the 9/11 truth movement.  I admitted White into my cyber 
intelligence group, Ghost Troop in 2004, but later kicked him out when members 
of the group identified him.  He presents the persona of a disturbed but 
committed activist. As we found from his very first post -- the first one ever 
at our user group -- he was a hostile infiltrator:
  White is quite capable of felonious conduct.  He recently suggested -- under 
the guise of an alias -- that we "neutralize" a critic.  I passed the note 
along to police contacts in Houston, and haven't heard from him since:
  I believe that White is mentally unstable and dangerous -- as the links 
demonstrate.  Hopefully, Mr. Webster and others would help distribute a correct 
picture of Tim White, perhaps even write an article about him.  It would serve 
White right for imagining that he could use Mr. Webster as a useful idiot.
  Best regards, Captain May
  PS: I will be doing a radio show with Dr. Jim Fetzer, the founder of Scholars 
for 9/11 Truth, at 4 p.m. Central today.  We may well discuss Tim White and 
Stephen Webster a bit, although our primary focus will be the overall strategic 
situation, especially Iran war prospects and US false flag prospects.  I'll be 
interviewing with 9/11 truth movement Congressional candidate Dr. Kevin Barrett 
on Saturday.  Here's the link to my interview schedule: 
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