Sent to you by Sean McBride via Google Reader: IRmep Launches
the "Israel Lobby Archive" via Institute for Research: Middle Eastern
Policy on 10/18/08 The Israel Lobby Archive is an independent research
unit located at The Institute for Research: Middle Eastern Policy in
Washington DC. The Archive collects and publishes declassified
documents about the Israel lobby, many obtained through Freedom of
Information Act filings with law enforcement and intelligence agencies
and IRmep directed declassification processes. The Archive also serves
as a repository for records that briefly enter the pubic domain through
court actions or investigative journalism only to vanish into obscurity
for lack of sustained mainstream press coverage. The Archive is
dedicated to preserving and contextualizing historical records about
the Israel lobby's operations in the US, bypassing media filters and
educating concerned Americans, students and researchers through
enhanced direct access to both recent and older primary source
material. Initial documents now available for public download
include: *Israel's Secret US Public Relations Plan* *AIPAC Forming and
Directing Political Action Committee Candidate Donations* AIPAC Founder
Ordered to Re-register as a Foreign Agent The Senate Foreign Relations
Committee Investigates Israel DOJ Orders Israel Lobby Umbrella to
Register as Foreign Agents AIPAC executives and DOD employee Indicted
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