Sent to you by Sean McBride via Google Reader: Singularity Summit 2008
offers discount to readers; keynote by Kurzweil
clarifies Turing test rules via Accelerating
Intelligence News on 10/19/08 The Singularity Summit (October 25 in San
Jose) has offered a 15 percent discount to readers who
register at this link. About 90 seats are left. The Summit program
includes a keynote by Ray Kurzweil, which will include updated charts
based on extensive new research, and a comparison of test rules in the
recent Loebner Turing test to more rigorous rules defined by Kurzweil
and Mitch Kapor in a wager on whether AI will be achieved by 2029.
There will also be a dialogue between Kurzweil and IEEE Spectrum
journalist John Horgan, moderated by IEEE executive editor Glenn
Zorpette, regarding recent criticisms in the magazine. (Source: )
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