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for McCain and Bush, But Not for Frum via Mondoweiss by Philip Weiss on
Just caught part of a forum between Shrum and Frum (Bob and David) on
C-Span, at Georgetown University. Shrum's a genius, but he's not my
subject. I study Frum carefully as I prepare my novel inspired by Bruno
Malinowski: The Sex Lives of the Neoconservatives. Frum's smart and
fabulous looking, a head like a rhino. He said, It's over, the
Republicans should give up on McCain now and put money into other
races. Then a couple times he said the greatest failure of the last
eight years is the growing gap between the rich and poor. When the
moderator asked him what he would tell the Republicans to address, it
was this.

He said that Reagan was the apogee of conservative thinking, and Bush 2
the decadent period of conservative ideas. They'd run out of gas.
Notice that he is calling it all conservative, nothing about
neoconservative. And in listing the failures and deadness of Republican
ideas in the last eight years, he did not mention Iraq. This from the
man who wrote, An End to Evil, with Richard Perle, saying we could pick
off whoever we wanted in the Arab world, and said "Victory or
holocaust"! and is credited with Bush's line, "The axis of evil."
Quick, name those countries!

The two things I took away from my truncated watching of Frum were, It
wasn't clear why anyone should be a Republican right now. He didn't
tell me what there is to believe in. I didn't see the whole thing; but
if you care about economic equality, and I do, then Barack's your man.
Let's try some socialism! Then, too, I sense that Frum is running from
his war, the Iraq war, just like Feith is. It's still the first
paragraph of his own obit. He'll never live it down. He ought to have a
homa ceremony and burn the book Perle and he wrote, and do a public
shriving. Maybe he should apologize for "axis of evil." As it is he's
like Feith denying that he had any ideology at all in his recent book,
War and Decision. Out damn spot!

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