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Maher's 'Religulous' Has the Usual Double Standard via Mondoweiss by
Philip Weiss on 10/26/08
A friend writes: "I saw Bill Maher's Religulous today. Guess who gets
off scot free? Yup. All the Muslim and Protestant Evangelicals are
evil. The Catholics come off pretty good. The Mormons are insane. But
which Jew does he ridicule: the lunatic anti-Zionist ones in Monsey.
And his whole point is that they don't understand 'Never Again.'

"Oh yeah, he also ridicules guys who sell Sabbath clocks and stuff. But
no balance. He shows Muslim terrorists but doesn't go near Hebron. The
one Jewish Zionist fanatic he talks to has one line: 'he says that
Muhammad never was on the Temple Mount.'

"In other words, like Michael Moore he's very brave except in taking on
the people related to the people who bankroll movies. Funny? Not
really. Moore did that whole 9/11 Bush movie without mentioning the
Israel factor (although his views are well-known and came out in his
General Motors movie). I'm told Maher once had on Bibi and introduced
him as the guy who best understands what needs to be done.

"So Maher is half Jew and half Catholic. The best people in the film
are Catholics and Jews. The worst: Protestants and Muslims."

A couple addenda. Maher is a hawk on Israel, loves Bush's policy. In
that puffball Bibi appearance, he says that the "Christian right"
supporters of Israel are the scary ones and allows Netanyahu to call
Islam "a pathological creed" and state "we're fighting the same war"--
the U.S. and Israel. (Though to Maher's credit, he briefly sounds the
realist and says, Why can't you deter Iran's nukes?)

I'm not a religious person; and this blog is devoted to the idea that
if mainstream media are going to shame Islam for jihad and Christian
fundamentalists over stem-cell research (which is fine with me), they
really have to go after Jewish fundamentalists who have fostered a
cycle of violence in the Middle East for eons, at least since the Stern
gang knocked on Times columnist C.L. Sulzberger's door in 1948 and
announced they were going to kill U.N. negotiator Folke Bernadotte.
They were good for their word. The west is still behind on this
reality. But Maher's double-standard is utterly consistent with Sam
Harris's double standard in his books that attack Islam and
Christianity and give Jewish fundamentalists a pass. And with NPR's
handwringing over the Christian right, even as they ignore the
Religious Left, as I sometimes call the Is Lob.

(One bright spot: NPR's Barbara Bradley Hagerty did a fabulous report
on NPR on the maturation of the Christian right, to the point where
abortion is not the bright-line litmus test that it used to be.)

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