Sent to you by Sean McBride via Google Reader: Top Obama Adviser Signs
on to Roadmap to War with Iran via Signs of the Times on 10/26/08 If
you haven't seen it already, check out the op-ed by former Sens. Daniel
Coats and Charles Robb in the Washington Post today, entitled "Stopping
a Nuclear Tehran." It is the summary of a report issued last month by
an organization called The Bipartisan Policy Center (at whose website
you can find the full report), and it amounts to a roadmap to war with
Iran to which a senior Middle East adviser in the Obama campaign -
namely, Dennis Ross - has apparently signed on.

[UPDATE: Make sure you also read in this connection today's New York
Times article by David Sanger, particularly the part about the
purported e-mail from Obama that was routed through an
unidentified "aide," who I presume to be Ross. The coincidence of the
appearance of this article with the Coats-Robb op-ed suggests an effort
to box Obama into a pre-election position. The Iran part of the story
by Sanger, who considers himself a foreign-policy player, as well as a
reporter, tracks the report's narrative quite nicely.]
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