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Online TV in a Full-Screen Browser [Featured Windows Download] via
Lifehacker by Adam Pash on 10/27/08
Windows only: Free application Zviewer is a one-stop shop for all your
web video needs, integrating everything from Hulu and YouTube to
Netflix Watch Instantly in a full-screen interface. The app lets you
browse listings from different on-demand video sites and launch any
video instantly. Apart from aggregating all this on-demand video, the
cool thing about Zviewer is that it supports most Windows remote
controls, so if you already have a Media Center PC, you can control the
app from across the room. Unfortunately Zviewer is a little less of a
full-service solution than we'd like, since playing a video simply
launches a customized version of Firefox instead of handling the video
itself. The company that develops Zviewer also sells an outrageously
priced set-top box that does basically the same thing as the standalone
app, but if your computer is already hooked up to your TV, Zviewer will
do the trick. Zviewer is a free download, Windows only.
Zviewer [via Download Squad]

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