Sent to you by Sean McBride via Google Reader: Top Visionaries -
Agenda Setters 2008 via Accelerating Intelligence News
on 10/29/08 announced today its selection of the top
visionaries in the worldwide technology and IT industries whose ideas
shake up the status quo. The top three visionaries named were Tim
Berners-Lee, Jimmy Wales, and Ray Kurzweil. Other visionaries named
were environmentalist Jonathon Porritt, reality TV guru Peter
Bazalgette, free software advocate Richard Stallman, Better Place
founder and CEO Shai Agassi, journalist and political activist Arianna
Huffington, and cyber law professor Jonathan Zittrain. also
announced the Top Techies, Top Entrepreneurs, Top Agenda Setters, Top
Business Leaders, and Top Politicos. (Source: )
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