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Enables You to Search All Types of Media across PC, Mobile & Social
Networking Sites via Alt Search Engines by Charles Knight on 10/30/08
RADUS <in FF try just> today unveiled a new media hub
platform that allows users to simultaneously discover, search, share,
and view digital-rich media across leading computer, mobile, and social
networking services, including Facebook and MySpace. RADUS (ray-dee-us)
was designed to address one of the major issues confronting online
content delivery—the lack of a consistent user experience—cited by half
of all senior industry executives surveyed as the main barrier to mass
consumer adoption of digital-rich media, according to a recent study.
RADUS transforms the way consumers experience digital-rich content by
enabling them to view all their favorite media types under one roof.

Free to consumers, RADUS’ new media hub streamlines content discovery
and navigation, offering consumers quick and easy access to hundreds of
mainstream and user generated news, sports, and entertainment channels
from leading broadcasters, bloggers, directors, musicians,
photographers, and more.

“Today, you’re forced to jump between an endless array of news,
entertainment, and social sites just to keep up. RADUS solves this
problem by offering consumers a new approach, one that brings together
the best in online media and social networking in a way that’s visually
stunning and remarkably easy-to-use.” says Scott Rankine, CEO of RADUS,

RADUS provides quick, one-click access to mainstream, vertical, and
niche content and can be easily customized to suit individual needs.
Users can create their own personal media hub, add personalized feeds,
change skins, and much more.

Social Networking & Sharing:
RADUS makes it easy to connect with friends and other users who share
common interests. The RADUS widget supports dozens of leading social
sites, letting users share their favorite videos, photos, and blogs on
the fly. Groundbreaking widget features include comprehensive channel
navigation, search, share, and content display capabilities.

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