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We are all passionate feed readers on the Google Reader team. For us,
working on Reader is a dream job. Why? Because we have the perfect
excuse when we're caught browsing feeds at work!

For a bit of fun, and to show you what we like reading, we've put
together a bundle of our favorite feeds. After much deliberation, we've
narrowed down our "Staff Picks" to the following:

- WebUrbanist (View in Reader)
- Cute Overload (View in Reader)
- Design Milk (View in Reader)
- Dinosaur Comics (View in Reader)
- Jake And Amir Dot Com (View in Reader)
- Just Bento (View in Reader)
- La Tartine Gourmande (View in Reader)
- MAKE Magazine (View in Reader)
- POPSUGAR (View in Reader)
- Rock, Paper, Shotgun (View in Reader)
- The Kitchn (View in Reader)
- The Big Picture (View in Reader)
- ThinkGeek (View in Reader)
Not only do these feeds capture the personalities on our team, they are
mainly all "full text" feeds (i.e. containing the original pictures,
videos and text).

If you want to subscribe to all of these feeds at once, head over to
our discovery page and subscribe to the "Staff Picks" bundle (English

If you haven't used Reader before, maybe these feeds might give you
some ideas for websites you'd like to start tracking.

We hope you enjoy these feeds as much as we do!

- Roy said: love the staff picks - they should have done this awhile
- pasparto said: We've put together a bundle of our favorite feeds.
- Yu-Jie Lin said: hehe Cute Overload!
- GG said: 'what dude owns up to reading POPSUGAR? or Design
Milk?'*raises hand*
- Andrew Conkling said: Yeah, Dinosaur Comics. :)
- Rajat said: Great collection of feeds there!
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