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File Sharing Ludicrously Simple [File Sharing] via Lifehacker by Kevin
Purdy on 11/7/08
Free online storage and sharing site was already a pretty
streamlined serviceā€”upload a file, copy the "drop" address, then share
it with anyone you wanted to have access to your files of up to 100MB.
Since opening up an API, though, the service has spawned an even more
streamlined service, Click to choose a file, enter emails
separated by commas, and your recipients get a link to your file (also
with a 100MB limit). No ads on the download page, no wait times, just
shared files. For another intriguing remix of's service, check
out, which sets up a conference call phone number and meeting
time with a document collaboration space. Need more space to stash big
files? Try our online storage comparison chart. [via Ars

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