Sent to you by Sean McBride via Google Reader: Emanuel's Middle Name
Is Israel. And I Guess So Is Obama's... via Mondoweiss by Philip Weiss
on 11/7/08

Martin Sieff in the Daily Beast calls Rahm Emanuel
a "quasi-neocon-hawk" and points out that his middle name is Israel.
This is why I pushed for a low Jewish vote for Obama. He got 78
percent. He didn't get the hard-core neocons. The absolute nuts. But
because he got 80 percent, the generational shakeout between
progressive Jewish voice and the liberal hawks didn't happen. The
quasi-neocons are still with him. The necessary conversation/battle
within the Jewish community won't take place because the Zionists are
as ardent in Obama's camp as they are in McCain's, and everyone's
afraid to call them out. Even the New York Times. Maybe Obama's quasis
are slightly more reasonable re dividing Jerusalem than Doug "Son of
Betar" Feith. But only slightly; and who knows? Who's done the
reporting? Obama, who won the Dem nomination because he opposed the
Iraq war and Hillary didn't, now is in bed with the hawks. The latest
New York Review of Books has a great piece saying that the neocons are
like a "shadow government," a sect, a party. And the tragedy for our
politics is that they have such a power base of their own that they are
able to jump from party to party without consequence. It's like Dennis
Ross leaping from one horse to another, the party doesn't matter. First
they were Dems in the 70s with Scoop Jackson and Moynihan. Then they
went to Reagan, then they abandoned George H.W. Bush for Clinton,
somewhat. And of course they rode into Rome with George W. Bush. In a
sense, they don't care about who is in the White House. They don't
really care whether the president is a Muslim. All that matters is they
pick the winner and mob him up. Obama. My man needs some help.

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