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Translating Feeds Automatically [RSS] via Lifehacker by Jackson West on
Google Reader and Google Translate have teamed up to bring a neat new
feature — you can choose to have feeds in Google Reader
machine-translated on the fly. For instance, if your Google Reader
language is set to English under Settings > Preferences, a subscription
to a blog in Japanese will appear (more or less) in English. It doesn't
seem to have been rolled out for everybody quite yet, as some of us at
Lifehacker could access the option on the Feed settings drop-down menu
and some couldn't. A neat trick, but the automated translations still
have a tendency to be unintentionally hilarious. Users of the new
Reader feature are promised that as Translate gets better, so will the
translations of the feeds. Is Your Web Truly World-Wide? [Official
Google Reader Blog]

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