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Bring the E-Books Home by David Rothman on 11/13/08
A Kindle, iPhone or a big-screen iRex or other device—which would you
rather read an e-newspaper on? It’s a case-by-case decision, of course.
But judging from this announcement from NewspapersDirect, the iRex
option might offer you some new choices. Excerpt:

With newspaper publishers facing mounting pressure to cut costs while
maintaining their circulation, and the other
distribution channels offered by NewspaperDirect (which include
libraries, hotels, cruise ships and a range of custom-publishing
solutions) are providing them with more ways to reach their readers.
The iRex DR1000 is a sleek and lightweight portable digital reader
featuring the world’s largest electronic paper display. The 10-inch
screen is as sharp and natural as reading ink on paper, unlike the
strain and glare of a computer screen.

With official release in December 2008, the iRex DR1000 will join a
growing list of handheld devices on which is
available, offering 800+ newspapers and magazines from 80+ countries.
These include Apple iPhone, Apple iPod Touch, BlackBerry and numerous

Apparently this is a list of available newspapers.

How are you reading the news on portable devices?

While TeleRead focuses on e-books most often, I’d be curious to know
how TeleCommunity members are getting their e-news. I myself am using
an iPod Touch and tend to favor the New York Times mobile site, because
of its usability on small-screen devices. The Washington Post’s mobile
edition, though supposedly optimized for the iPhone/Touch when it
detects the related browser, is clunky by comparison. I also continue
to be a big fan of the AP app for the iPhone.

(Thanks to Wiebe de Jager at eBook Readers)
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