Sent to you by Sean McBride via Google Reader: It's Happening: Neocons
Out in Obama's Iran Braintrust, Realists In via Mondoweiss by Philip
Weiss on 11/13/08
Rejoice. We always knew this is what the election was about. There are
very hopeful signs in this list of Obama experts giving him advice re
Iran. Says Muhammad Idrees Ahmad:
It is quite significant that among the experts is Gary Sick, an old
Carter-Reagan era realist NSC staffer who has long been out of favour
in Washington. He maintains the important Gulf2000 mailing list which
is home to other sober analysts (such as Juan Cole), journalists,
policy makers etc. Thomas Pickering, another realist, was Bush's
ambassador to the UN, and presently serves on the board of directors of
the National Iranian American Council. It is significant that no neocon
names are mentioned for 'balance'.

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