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The database “World Affairs Online” is a joint venture of German think
tanks, for example the Stiftung Wissenschaft und Politik” in Berlin,
and is offered since years in several licensed and free versions. But
now, the German Information Network International Relations and Area
Studies ( FIV), this is the title given to the cooperation of these
think tanks, offers an appropriate portal for research.

The nucleus of the gateway is the own product, the “World Affairs
Online” (and a special part about treaties), which is completed – but
only available for German scientists – with other databases of the
Cambridge Scientific Abstracts (CSA), for example Public Affairs
Information Service (PAIS) international and World Political Scientific
Abstracts (WPSA). Interesting for international users is the supplement
of the European Thesaurus on International Relations and Area Studies,
which is added in several European languages and can be used as
starting point of research in WAO.

I don’t want to say too much about IREON gateway, because the whole
interface and help texts are not only in German, but also in English!
You can browse through the gateway: There will be always an
interpreting text and a help available on the site! The colleagues had
heavy work, so please look at the instructive texts and the FAQ.

But just let me tell you about the worthiness and the performance of
this service: Here you can find information about international
relations (theory), world regions and countries. You can filter very
well (language, year, publication type, full texts), so it is possible
to refine excellent to have high qualitative results. With the
thesaurus you have the option to search with the help of a controlled,
hierarchical organized vocabulary which give you the means to execute a
qualitative search!”

-Juergen Plieninger

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