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Brzezinski Tell Obama Israel/Palestine Is Issue #1 via Mondoweiss by
Philip Weiss on 11/21/08
A forceful piece in today's Washington Post by the realists:
We believe that the Arab-Israeli peace process is one issue that
requires priority attention. In perhaps no other region was the
election of Obama more favorably received than the Middle East.

Their diplomatic/political analysis is also helpful, interesting. My
To date, the weakness of the negotiating parties has limited their
ability to come to an agreement by themselves. The elections in Israel
scheduled for February are certainly a complicating factor, as is the
deep split among Palestinians between Fatah and Hamas. But if the peace
process begins to gain momentum, it is difficult to imagine that Hamas
will want to be left out, and that same momentum would provide the
Israeli people a unique chance to register their views on the future of
their country.

I.e., apply pressure now, and make the Israelis vote for Livni:
This weakness can be overcome by the president speaking out clearly and
forcefully about the fundamental principles of the peace process; he
also must press the case with steady determination.

I'm thinking of blogging every day this other great thing that
Scowcroft said recently:

[with the election of Obama] we have finally come to grips with a
problem which has plagued us since the founding of the republic,
[treatment of blacks] and now, we have dealt with it. And people will
feel good about the United States.

[T]he Palestinian issue, while it's not important to many states in the
region, it's nonetheless -- it gives the members of the region a deep
sense of injustice. And we have removed in this country, with this
election, a lot of that sense of injustice in this country. We ought to
try to do it in the Middle East.

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