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Eggheads To Its Cloud With Free Access To Scientific Data (AMZN) via
Alley Insider by Eric Krangel on 11/22/08
A new feature for the Amazon's (AMZN) EC2? The cloud computing
community is abuzz today over Public Data Sets coming soon to Amazon's

Here's how it works: The human genome is about 3 GB in size, not
counting annotations. Rather than have every scientist on the EC2
working with it upload (and pay for) their own copy, Amazon hosts the
genome itself, which any EC2 customer can access. Other data sets
Amazon will be making public: The U.S. Census, economic databases from
the U.S. Labor department, and 80 GB of conformers from the
ChemInformatics toolkit, whatever that is (we got a C- in chemistry).

Makes a lot of sense to us. For very little cost, Amazon could be
generating a lot of goodwill among scientists and academics, important
customers in the utlity computing market. And if Amazon can make its
own public data sets a common reference point for researchers, network
effects will make academics prefer the EC2 to other clouds.

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