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Founded in 1993 by Stewart Clamen, the continually growing site
provides a searchable index of all published and available movie
reviews. As the premiere search engine for movie reviews, MRQE has
always been praised for its simple design and ease of use.

Through its strategic partnership with the New York business
development and investment firm, D2C2, has added significant
new features in keeping with its mission of delivering information and
opinions to cinema fans worldwide.

The re-launched MRQE aggregates reviews, news, interviews and other
material associated to specific movies. MRQE also partners with leading
movie blogs so that their content is collected in the MRQE database and
searchable by any user.

MRQE’s official tag line, ‘’, summarizes
the site’s appeal. Registered users are able to access movie-specific
forums and provide thoughtful discussion and their own reviews. The
unique combination of reviews + news + user discussion, all accessed
through’s advanced search portal, allows any MRQE user to read
and add to the Internet’s most comprehensive collection of opinion
about film.

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