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Dear free software developers: Before we American nerds sit down to our
turkey and mashed potatoes today, know that your creations are at the
top of the list of things we're most thankful for. Whether you're an
indie hacker putting out the occasional script or an employee at a
giant internet company building out a webapp with millions of users or
a voluntary coder contributing to an open source project, we salute you
this Thanksgiving in gratitude for all the things your work enables us
to do every day. Short of covering you in candied yam kisses and
cranberry sauce hugs, please accept our hearty thanks for your work. We
like you. We really, really like you.

While our thanks goes out to ALL developers of ALL the free software
we've featured on these pages, a few projects deserve special mention.
On Monday we asked exactly what free software you're most thankful for,
and thousands of votes later, we've boiled down the list to the top 40
or so. While we're offline for the day, feast your eyes and mouse on
this prodigious list of some of the best free software we're most
grateful for. Happy Thanksgiving! (Back to a more regular posting
schedule tomorrow.)
The 46 Free Desktop Software Applications, Webapps, and Projects We're
Most Thankful For
- Firefox (see also: The Power User's Guide to Firefox 3)
- VLC Media Player (see also: Master Your Digital Media with VLC)
- Ubuntu (see also: Hardy Heron Makes Linux Worth Another Look)
- Open Office (see also: A First Look at 3.0)
- Pidgin (see also: Ten Must-Have Plug-ins to Power Up Pidgin)
- Launchy (see also: Take Launchy beyond application launching)
- Digsby (see also: Digsby Improves Performance, Supports LinkedIn)
- Gmail (see also: Our full Gmail coverage)
- Adium (see also: Adium Chat Improves Menu Bar Item, Corrects Your IM
Grammar )
- CCleaner (see also: CCleaner 2.0 Decrapifies Your PC)
- Picasa (see also: Organize your digital photos with Picasa)
- AutoHotKey (see also: Turn Any Action into a Keyboard Shortcut)
- Google
- Quicksilver (see also: A beginner's guide to Quicksilver)
- Foobar 2000 (see also: Roll your own killer audio player with
- Thunderbird (see also: Eight killer Thunderbird extensions)
- 7-Zip (see also: Top 10 Windows Downloads, #10: 7-Zip (file archive
manager) )
- DropBox (see also: Dropbox Syncs and Backs Up Files Between Computers
- uTorrent (see also: Our complete uTorrent coverage )
- Winamp (see also: Our complete Winamp coverage)
- Google Apps
- AVG Antivirus (see also: AVG Free Anti-Virus 2008 Released, Much
- Evernote (see also: Expand Your Brain with Evernote)
- IrfanView (see also: Download of the Day: IrfanView (Windows) )
- Opera (see also: Opera Updates to Version 9.6, Gets Faster, Adds
- Chrome (see also: The Power User's Guide to Google Chrome)
- Google Calendar (see also: Black-belt scheduling with Google Calendar)
- HandBrake (see also: HandBrake Media Converter Gets Even Better)
- Skype (see also: Our complete Skype coverage)
- Linux (see also: Our complete Linux coverage)
- Paint.NET (see also: Top 10 Windows Downloads, #3: Paint.NET )
- Ad-Aware (see also: Cleanse thy PC with Ad-Aware)
- Avast Antivirus (see also: Download of the Day: Avast anti-virus)
- Google Docs (see also: Our complete Google Docs coverage)
- LogMeIn (see also: Use LogMeIn for remote tech support)
- Transmission (see also: Manage Your BitTorrent Downloads with
- TrueCrypt (see also: Secure your data with TrueCrypt)
- Amarok (see also: An Early Look at Amarok 2)
- FileZilla (see also: FTP File Transfer Across Platforms with
Filezilla 3.0)
- Notepad++ (see also: Top 10 Windows Downloads, #6: Notepad++)
- (see also: Download of the Day: PortableApps Suite
1.0 (Windows))
- Rocket Dock (see also: Download of the Day: RocketDock (Windows))
- Spybot Search & Destroy (see also: Spybot Search and Destroy crushes
- UltraVNC (see also: Tech support with UltraVNC SingleClick)
- VirtualBox (see also: VirtualBox 2.0 Adds 64-bit Support, Updated
A note on the numbers: Mozilla Firefox took first place in this
exercise in gratitude with an insanely commanding lead; in fact,
Firefox got more than three times the amount of votes the second-place
mention (VLC) did. Here's a chart of the top eight on the list so you
can see how the votes were spread out relative to one another.

About our vote count: We (ok, I) grossly underestimated how many votes
we would get on this particular post. Almost 800 comments in total—many
of which contained more than half a dozen free software projects—made
finishing the total count (36 pages of comments) before Thanksgiving
2011 impossible. So, this represents just over 1,100 votes, only one
third of the total comments we received. This list of 40 contains all
the apps that received 10 or more votes. As almost 200 mentions got
only a single vote, we think that even though it's incomplete, it's
closely representative of the general consensus. (You can check out our
complete vote count spreadsheet here.) Our apologies for the incomplete
count—lesson learned. Next time, we'll use a proper survey tool.

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- Rolf Schewe said: Wakoopa, which was probably used for that chart is
a nice free app too.
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