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Whatever you might think of Amazon, you certainly have to admit that
they are clever. They now have something called Amazon Upgrade which
allows you to read the p-books you have bought from them on line. If
you pay the extra fee, which varies based on the book, you can:

* Start reading the book online while you wait for your physical copy
to arrive
* Add highlights, bookmarks, notes, or tags to any page or section of
* Print pages, and even copy and paste text from the book
* Read your book from any Internet-connected computer, meaning your
book is always with you

This could be quite a useful feature for those who have to lug p-books
around for one reason or another. Right now the program seems pretty
limited. Of the many books I have bought from Amazon only 3 qualify.
Here they are with the Upgrade price:

Microsoft Windows XP Inside Out $8.99
Microsoft XP Professional Administrator’s Pocket Consultant $5.99
Faster Smarter Digital Video $3.99

Thanks to the Amazon Kindle Review for the heads up.

By the way, what’s the relevance of the picture? It’s an Amazon Tree
Frog, of course.

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