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We most often think of e-books as digitized text coupled with a
convenient reading medium. But there is a lot more to e-books than that
if you use your imagination. Here’s an excerpt of a story from the
Australian paper The Age. Take a look at the full text here.

In its current incarnation, Christoph Benda’s first novel requires that
you a) be able to read German and b) have an internet connection.

Benda’s work, Senghor on the Rocks, is a geo-referenced electronic
novel in which the text is combined with an embedded map mash-up from
Google Maps on a website.

The map, which is fixed in the “Satellite View” mode, moves as the
location changes in the novel and every page of text is accompanied by
a corresponding map.

The geo-novel is an adaption of a book written by Benda, a former
advertising copywriter now working at the Austrian Academy of Sciences,
and is based on his travels in the African nation of Senegal.

“For me, the project always has been related to a map in a certain
sense. Only that it wasn’t hi tech, online satellite imagery but the
rather worn out paper map I had carried with me throughout all my time
in Africa,” says Benda who wrote the book between 2002 and 2005.

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