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The Washington Note on 11/30/08

The first blog post I did over four years ago at The Washington Note
had to do with the subject of war profiteering and players in the
national security establishment that were making money from defense
contractors while also serving as so-called "objective" commentators on
the war, weapons systems, and the like.

My target at the time was former Clinton administration CIA Director
James Woolsey -- or "Jihad Jim" as some of his friends call him -- who
was the first major national security voice on September 11, 2001 to
try and tie the terrorist attacks that day in New York and Washington,
D.C. to Saddam Hussein's Iraq. Woolsey did not disclose that he was a
lawyer representing the interests of Ahmed Chalabi and the Iraqi
National Congress at the time.

Now, the New York Times raises questions about the one-man punditry,
war consulting, strategic advisory services provided by General Barry
McCaffrey. There are a long list of others that deserve similar

-- Steve Clemons

Editor's note: Thanks to Ben Rosengart for sending this our way.

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