Sent to you by Sean McBride via Google Reader: Do the math. Please.
via AltSearchEngines by Charles Knight on 11/30/08 Percentage of U.S.
searches among leading search engine providers:

Domain October 2007

October 2008 64.49%

71.70% 21.65%

17.74% 7.42%*

5.40%* 4.76%


The remaining market share for Alt Search Engines 2007 = 1.68%. In 2008
= 1.63%

1) The winner takes it all. How close to 100% do you think Google can

2) Google is not necessarily gaining; perhaps Yahoo!, MSN, and
are imploading.

3) A rising tide lifts all boats. Oh wait, but the tide is receding.
Never mind!

Source: Hitwise

Any comments?

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