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on 12/9/08
Google announces that its Book Search engine now includes magazine
archives in its results, in full-color, page-to-page, browseable
format. The Googlers write:

Are you a baseball history fanatic? Try a search for [hank aaron
catching babe] on Google Book Search. You'll find a link to a 1973
Ebony article about Hank Aaron, written as he closed in on Babe Ruth's
original record for career home runs. You can read the article in full
color and in its original context, just as you would in the printed
magazine. Scroll back a few pages, for example, and you'll find a
two-page spread on 1973's fall fashions. If you'd like to read further,
you can click on "Browse all issues" to view issues from across the
Other available titles include Popular Science, New York Magazine, and
the more obscure Bulletin of Atomic Scientists. Results from magazines
appear alongside Book search results, and they can be difficult to
ferret out—they've got the word "Magazine" in the result snippet. While
there doesn't appear to be a magazine-only advanced search operator you
can type in yourself, from the Advanced Book Search page you can ask
for results from magazines only.
Search and find magazines on Google Book Search [Official Google Blog]
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