Sent to you by Sean McBride via Google Reader: Neo-Cons Still Busy on
Iran via by admin on 12/26/08
While no doubt demoralized, the neo-conservative hawks at American
Enterprise Institute (AEI) will be continuing their efforts for a major
U.S. confrontation with Iran. They’ve scheduled an all-day briefing on
“The Imam Returned: Thirty Years of Revolution in Iran” for January 30,
no doubt featuring the recommendations of last September’s Bipartisan
Policy Center report (signed by Dennis Ross) that I called a “roadmap
to war” in a post in October. The two main authors (and graduates of
Doug Feith’s Office of Special Plans) of the report, AEI’s Michael
Rubin (who has denied it is a “roadmap to war”) and Michael Makovsky
will be presenting, although the featured speaker is Jeffrey Gedmin, an
AEI alumnus and the head of Radio Free Europe/Radio Liberty who bore
major responsibility for that heavily Likudnik Prague Conference on
Democracy and Security in June 2007. Given my persona non grata status
at AEI, I will unfortunately not be permitted to attend, but, coming
ten days after Obama’s inauguration, I’m sure it will be the first big
Iran-bashing event of the Obama era.

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